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Blaine Allen

Multi-disciplinary Engineer
& Aerospace Mechanic

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I’m determined to help accelerate the advent of the Space Age.

My experiences and work ethic provide me with exceptional qualifications in several fields critical to this effort.

Problem Solving

Aerospace Mechanic

Supervised and performed the inspection, troubleshooting, and hands-on mechanic maintenance of all aircraft systems. Responsible for signing off on specialist responsibilities and final system checkouts before crewed flights.

Engaged in over 60 temporary duty travel missions CONUS and supported over 150 missions OCONUS and through Middle East combat zone deployment.


Technician Duties & Responsibilities


Troubleshoot, inspect, install, replace, rig, or adjust (including, but not limited to):

  • Operations and Logistics: Managed the production and scheduling of aircraft to ensure aircraft were prepared for flight and high-priority missions.

  • Mechanical: Panels, sheet metal failure/cracks, corrosion identification, windows, flight control surfaces (ailerons, flaps, speed brakes), horizontal and vertical stabilizer, landing gear assembly, brake assembly, cables/wire rope accessories, rivets, fasteners, bolts, clamps, grommets, screws, gaskets, safety wire, etc.

  • High-pressure Hydraulic/Pneumatic: cylinders, motors, pumps, snubbers, valves, adapters, fittings, couplers, gauges, hoses, o-rings, etc.

  • Electrical: 3-phase motors, AC motors, DC motors, linear actuators, engine ignitors, radome, centrifugal blowers/fans, switches, relays, solenoids, indicator lights, all aircraft lighting systems, circuit breakers/fuses, breaker/fuse panels, various wiring and wire harness maintenance, etc.

  • Service: ~5000 psi pneumatic nitrogen and hydraulic fluid servicing, gaseous aviators breathing oxygen (GOX), F-108 jet engine hydraulic fluid and oil

  • Inspection: Inspected aircraft with extreme attention to detail for serviceability,  part compliance, corrosion identification, installation errors, flight/mission damage, and manufacturing defects. Aircraft inspection detail varying from 30 minutes to 4+ hours (preflight, post-flight, etc) and certified final checkout prior to crewed flight.


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